1. meat, hot smoked by a wood fire

      2. a way of life


We love Texas BBQ and we think everyone should be able to experience it in its true, humble glory . We have travelled extensively around Texas and enjoyed famous BBQ restaurants and backstreet BBQ joints alike. We’ve spent thousands of hours experimenting and perfecting our methods to produce the most authentic Texas BBQ possible- now we want to share the beauty of BBQ with you!

We lovingly prepare our meat with our secret blend of spices and seasoning- all natural, never any nasty. Then we smoke it in our custom built smoker for several hours using only wood- no gas, charcoal, wood chips or accelerants. Just clean burning Hampshire Oak.

All our sauces and sides are homemade and never contain preservatives or additives.

We use the best, reputable suppliers, buy local whenever possible and adhere to a very strict hygiene policy to offer the best standard of food.