Carter’s Texas BBQ is a family run business based in Portsmouth. Carter, was born and raised in Texas, the heart of real BBQ. Texans take BBQ very seriously, it’s been a part of their heritage and it has become a true art form. Carter’s family were no different and he grew up living and breathing BBQ. When he moved to the UK for work some  years ago he continued refining his smoking process. Before long he met April, a die hard fan of all things food related, and the journey began. They’ve spent thousands of hours perfecting their smoking process on their custom built smoker to deliver delicious BBQ.

Our promise is to stay true to Texas BBQ. We treat our food with love and patience and we give it the respect that true BBQ deserves.


Just like in Texas –

No frills. No crap. Just BBQ.


Contact us as soon as possible to book us to cater your next event. 

Tel: 07850 600 271